Click picture for larger version of this image Belize offers some of the best diving in the world. There Are three atolls in Belize, the only true Atolls in the entire Caribbean; Lighthouse Reef (with the world famous Blue Hole), Glovers Reef and Turneffe Atoll. Diving around the atolls is plentiful and varied due to the sheltered waters and rich variety of marine life.

Click picture for larger version of this image Blue Hole (Lighthouse Reef):
The Blue Hole originates from a collapsed cavern, after an ice age 15,000 years ago, forming a sinkhole. Jacques Cousteau made it famous during his 1970 expedition with the Calypso. The Blue Hole is perfectly circular, and the diameter measures 1,045 feet (320 meters) and the maximum depth is 412 feet (125 meters). Except for two narrow passages on the eastern and the northern rims, the Blue Hole is completely rimmed by living coral. Most interesting about the dive is the impressive descend, and the rock formation and the stalactites. Marine live is less interesting, although you will encounter moray eels. Sharks and turtles may be found but their presence is unpredictable. This dive is a must for every self respecting diver.

Turneffe North:
This atoll is the closest to PORTOFINO and easily accessible. Enjoy a panoramic display of crystal clear, Caribbean water and island beauty as we transport you to Turneffe Atoll. Here you will enjoy three magnificent wall dives. The marine life is overwhelming, and due to good visibility, this the dive is perfect for underwater photography. Your first dive will be on the virgin corals of Vincente Wall. Once you surface from your unrushed underwater exploration, you will head on to your second dive at Rendezvous Wall. The boat will then take you to Maugher Caye for an enjoyable picnic. After lunch there is a snorkel stop at Dorey Channel. The last dive is at Gorgonian Wall. Here you will discover some extraordinary diving. Surface from your discovery filled excursion and head back to PORTOFINO for another delightful Belize evening.

Turneffe Elbow:
The Elbow is located at the south tip of Turneffe. Some spectacular diving awaits those who choose to do this dive. Here you will experience the ultimate in wall diving. There is a total explosion of marine life on this dive. Here the reef reverses its direction and is very exposed, deep and wide. Large congregations of snapper, horse-eye jacks and cubera snapper school feed in mid-water above the reefs. Your second dive is Billy Bob's. This dive is well known for its spotted eagle rays and grouper. Seasonal appearances of shark and kingfish add to the pelagic spectacle, but most spectacular is the majestic flight of eagle rays. On exceptional days a school of more than 50 eagle rays can bring a sensation of euphoria to even the most jaded and experienced diver. Lunch time is spent basking in the sun and enjoying a delightful picnic while waiting to go on your third dive. Next stop is Myrtle's Turtle one more fantastic dive to add to your log. Journey back to La Isla Bonita for a relaxing evening at PORTOFINO.

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